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South County Crosscultural Council

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 The welfare of our community rests on the shoulders of each one of us. The more proactive we become, the better the results. We welcome your involvement in any one of these areas and joining our remarkable team of volunteers. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity, then the Crosscultural Council is a great organization to team up with!  Get in touch with us using the contact forms on this page, and let us know which area(s) you are interested in.

Teach ESL at La Playa

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ESL - English as a second language learners represent a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds and language skills, but they all have two things in common: the need for better language skills and the need for friendship. Some of the benefits that English can provide for your students are English-speaking friendships, better job opportunities, easier shopping, less stress when getting medical care, and support for their children’s academic careers. No prior teaching experience is necessary. We have been offering our ESL program since 1999. Our orientation, training manuals, daily lesson plans, and faculty will support you and your students so you have a fulfilling experience.


For more information contact us at

Teach ESL at the Laguna Day Worker Center

We are currently looking for volunteer ESL teachers at the LDWC. Classes in conversational English, as well as in basic reading and writing skills, are of immense benefit to many of the workers at our site. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community by making a tangible difference in peoples' lives.


We value consistency, and teachers will be asked to teach one Saturday per month from 9-10:30. ESL certification is strongly preferred.

If you are interested in volunteering as an ESL instructor at the LDWC, please fill out our intake form


For more information contact us at

Become a Board Member

Be a part of our decision making Board. We are looking for dedicated individuals who will actively enjoy sharing their skills and talents. Our monthly, one hour Board meetings, are informative and thought provoking. ​Meetings are organized and run by our Chair, who consults with Executive Director and works with the Board Secretary and Treasurer on all issues which come before South County Crosscultural Council. Please contact us (either at La Playa or the Day Worker Center) with inquiries.  


You decide the level of involvement that works best for your schedule. Talents that we are particularly looking for include:

Recording Secretary: keeps minutes of all Board meetings, distributes them before and summarizes them at the next Board meeting, and maintains up-to-date binder of all minutes.

Corresponding Secretary: manages all the correspondence of the Crosscultural Council and keeps a record of correspondence received and sent—donations, thank-you notes, etc.


Treasurer: reviews the monthly financial statements from the Crosscultural Council’s bookkeeper, presents summaries at Board meetings, and maintains up-to-date record of monthly and annual financial statements. Works with Executive Director of Crosscultural Council and Chair of Board in making presentations of relevant financial matters at Board meetings. Prepares financial information for accountant who files annual 990 tax return.

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