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South County Crosscultural Council

Make a charitable gift.


  • Recognize someone special by making a gift in their honor or memory. Click here to donate online.

  • Sponsor or attend a fundraising event. Click here to see upcoming events

  • Designate your Crosscultural contributions to “La Playa Center” or “Laguna Day Worker Center”.

  • Maximize your gift by checking to see if your employer has a matching gift program.

  • Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support. Click here to make your contribution.

  • Ensure that our mission will continue for many years to come by making a gift through a will or trust. (Please indicate your request using the email contact form)


“Your donation empowers someone with the skills needed to enable them to create a vibrant life. The rewards are as great as the gift you give.” Board Member


The Crosscultural Council greatly appreciates any amount that you will give.


Your Donation Provides


  • A $25 donation will support one student in the ESL program.

  • A $50 donation will provide a day of childcare.

  • A $100 donation will buy supplies for one classroom.

  • A $250 donation will provide white boards and easels.

  • A $500 donation will provide student attendance software.

  • A $750 donation will contribute to media outreach campaigns for student enrollment.

  • A $1000 donation will provide a new computer.

  • A $2500 donation will buy books and other teaching materials for all 3 levels of the ESL program throughout the school year.


To learn more about how you can make a positive impact please Contact Us.


Donate By Mail


YES, you may contribute by mail using a check!


Please include your email address on the check so we can notify

and thank you for your donation.


Simply mail it to us at 

P.O. Box 520

Laguna Beach, CA 92652.


Please make your check payable to Crosscultural Council. Your gift is tax deductible. (Tax ID # 33-0753877)

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